Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shemales In Abu Dhabi

The chocolate bread from the supermarket

Gwen we did this week with a nice workshop exercise a little difficult for me: the pastiche. Difficult or impossible because I have not read Philippe Delerm, so I can not write "his way" ... So I wrote a piece trying to play the game, letting myself be guided by inspiration. I do not know at all if it meets the instruction given, but the key is to participate, we'll see!

Happy reading! The text is much shorter than last week, you'll see!

The chocolate bread from the supermarket

We did not have much money. Races in downtown, in small shops, were not known. There was only one pleasure: chocolate bread on Friday. They waited for the return of mom with the groceries, after school, we knew we would have a good taste. With my brothers and sisters, it would happen to the first to unpack the shopping and find the plastic box containing the precious pastries. What we liked them a few! Two bars of chocolate inside, it was so much better! And when we came to expect, they warmed a few minutes in the toaster ... melted chocolate, and our greasy fingers amused skinning the pastry to the heart basis for lasting pleasure. The crumbs on the table were the subject of bitter fighting, and we ended by licking their fingers hungrily. All weekend and next week had the taste of the bread of remembrance Chocolate as expected, as expected. Some weeks, especially at the end of the month, the empty wallet Mommy made us fear that we should wait a little longer than usual. And when Friday came back, we waited an hour for a snack, hoping that Mom would not have forgotten our little fun week.
As adults, the chocolate bread disappeared Friday. Too childish. Too predictable. Supplanted by homemade cakes and buns for the bread machine. Adult life, a good job, earn more than decent, the frantic pace of everyday life, home downtown, the fashion of organic and healthy eating have was correct in this innocent pleasure. I take the bakery on the corner of the street to buy pastries at good butter instead of oil, less expensive, once used for making breads at the supermarket chocolate, pastries more "healthy" more nutritious, less fatty, more airy, flaky ...
We know they are better. I just find it hard to find the taste of my childhood.

Amelie Platz, 9 January 2011.


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